About Us


We at Western Pride Painting understand that you need trades you can count on.  Doing the work well and bringing the project in on time is simply not enough.  Below are some of the ways Western Pride Painting defines service & quality.

  1. Respect for Client's property:  There is absolutely no smoking on client property.  ‘Inside only’ shoes are worn inside the client’s home.  Drop cloths are used on the floor & all electronics are covered with plastic to protect from dust.

  2. Respect for Clients:  Western Pride Painting personnel are presentable and clean cut.  We insist that clients are treated in a polite and respectable manner.  We work hard to keep the lines of communication open so that requests and concerns can be addressed immediately. 

  3. Quality:  All rooms are subject to a quality inspection.  Once we are satisfied, we do a walk through with the client.  Any concerns the client may have are taken care of before we leave the site.

  4. Timely:  All jobs begin on time and are completed by the scheduled date.  On the rare occasion a job is delayed, both the client and contractor or designer are notified as soon as possible.  Getting back on track becomes our number one priority.

Darrell Hoyteniuk